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Only hacking the planet in my free time now.

Big news! Starting next week I’ll be working with as a Full Stack Developer.

Salon has always been a website to watch and they are doing great things working with journalism, the mobile web and WordPress. When I interviewed with them, it was clear that they’ve also got plenty of awesome projects still to come. I’m looking forward to joining a great team there.

Since I graduated college I’ve spent pretty much equal amounts of time working development, project management and content strategy. I’ve loved all the various hats I’ve worn since, working with universities, journalists, marketers and developers. The last year at was great to exercise almost all the various skills I’ve built up. It meant an opportunity to train journalists in writing for the web; manage the launch of an all new WordPress websitebuild award-winning open-source code; and even produce editorial videos. I’ve loved it all, but this past year I’ve found myself yearning to throw more and more of my time into web development.

With the move to Salon, I’m looking forward to picking up the types of challenges that will allow me to really advance my coding abilities and build cool things for big audiences on a regular basis. Expect plenty more in this space soon!

I’ll be continuing work on some of my freelance projects as well, particularly PressForward which is on the edge of a huge exciting release.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the job search! Especially the awesome Annemarie Dooling, who both pointed out the job listing and helped connect me to the Salon team.


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