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A WordPress shortcode for archiving Twitter hashtags and searches.

While numerous tools for publicly archiving Twitter searches have gone premium or disappeared entirely, I’ve built a new one that works entirely within WordPress. Now I need your help to test it.

About a year ago, I wrote an article about how to archive Twitter chats using the then popular and perfectly functional WhatTheHashtag. Later on the site was suddenly shut down and the service discontinued. Since then, I’ve stumbled from tool to tool, trying to find an equally optimal solution that would allow me to generate HTML containing Tweets and post them on my blog (independent from any other platform) with the greatest amount of speed possible.

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My Presentations from College Media Association’s #NYC12 Conference

These past few days I’ve presented at CMANYC12, the conference run by a professional organization for advisers and associated positions working with college-level student media. For this year’s conference, I presented one workshop with Michele Boyet and three sessions on my own. For convenience, here are all the presentations I gave. All are under a creative commons attribution […]

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Remixed: the derivative nature of creativity and our failure to recognize it.

The last episode of the Everything is a Remix video series is now online. Kirby Ferguson’s excellent documentary, covering the history and art of remixes, is a must see. The concept of remixes is nothing new, but the legal attacks that have abounded in recent years are. The derision remixes now receive from mainstream media could cause […]

The storytelling of the 99 percent.

I’ll keep it brief. This site is not normally the place where I address politics or “The News.” I’ve been following the riots around Occupy Oakland with significant concern. However, we’re here to talk about storytelling and there is something going on that you shouldn’t miss when it comes to Occupy Wall Street and storytelling. […]

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Star Wars by George Lucas? Pfft. Star Wars by BioWare? Yes!

I don’t care anymore when George Lucas abuses Star Wars. But when BioWare gets the licence? That’s exciting. Star Wars The Old Republic is no exception. [youtube][/youtube] I mean, that’s only one of the many trailers I’ve watched and it alone gets me more excited to play the game than all the Brewmasters in Pandaria. […]

6 simple rules for a better website header.

The header of a website is one of its most valuable areas, but it is often underused. How to fully use the top of your website. Website headers (or the [tooltip content=”Perhaps the most popular alternate term for the header area. ” url=”” ]banner area[/tooltip]) seems considered sacrosanct. It’s one of the most visible parts of a […]

Amazon could solve the digital divide tomorrow and turn a profit on it next year.

Amazon’s $80 Kindle could close the gap in access to information technology and provide the good experience without the bad. When I’m involved in discussions about using new media and technology in education the inevitable rejoinder is ‘What about the digital divide?” It’s great if you make the ultimate teaching tool for the iPad, but what about […]

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A Jewish perspective on the importance of storytelling.

For the fifth time at Mason, I have delivered a D’var Torah, an interpretation of the Torah, to the High Holidays congregation at the university Hillel service. This year I spoke on the eve of Rosh Hashanah and my topic, relevantly enough to this blog, was the power of storytelling and why it is important that we […]

How Facebook’s Timeline will change everything.

Facebook’s new feature will change the way we think about social media content because it introduces permanence to our digital lives. Since the beginning of the social media revolution, the structure of the sites we use inspires a fire-and-forget philosophy towards creating content. This is especially true on Twitter, where you can’t even reach past a week into your […]

Are you ready to enter the Panopticon?

When you get right down to it, Privacy is a poor hack. Right now, the privacy controls are out of our hands. Though we may think that editing our Facebook feed and hiding behind fake e-mails protect us, the truth is anything but. A few years ago, I was able to find my grandmother’s social […]