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DiigNO: Don’t use Diigo or The problem with freemium.

There are a lot of tools on the internet, some are great, some not so much. Diigo is a tools you should stay away from. It seems like whatever you create on the service may disappear. A while back, everyone thought that Yahoo was going to shut down Delicious and went out to find alternative web-bookmarking […]

Emerson’s ‘In the Cut’ is a mini-masterclass in video editing. Watch it.

Every media platform has its own language. For video part of that is the art of editing. Jim Emerson is breaking down editing technique and theory in exquisite detail in his series on Press Play. It’s well worth the watch. When working to tell stories over multiple mediums, it’s important to create content to keep the strengths, traditions […]

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Are timestamps part of your site? They should be.

On the web everything is in the present, but that doesn’t mean it is presently relevant or even accurate. Timestamps are an essential component of any online content you create. Timestamps are enormously important to participants with online content. While the content you are authoring may not always have relevance, it will always be on the web, sometimes […]

Narrative elements for future investigation [Thinking]

Part of the purpose of this blog is to examine elements of narrative, especially those that could be used outside of a traditional storytelling setting. I’m going to look over my notes and write down some of the elements I hope to explore in greater depth in the future. As I write stuff in the future, […]

Read Like Me

A while back I was in a professor’s digital journalism class talking a bit about what I do for Student Media at George Mason University. When I had finished the professor told his students that they should be more like me. While I’m not sure I can recommend “being like me” to anyone, I’d agree that […]

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Catch up on Narrative Artifacts

Getting ready to finish off the series of posts on Narrative Artifacts. Don’t know what a narrative artifact is? Find out with the previous posts in the series.

Friday synthesis post: Are comments part of your narrative?

I think that there is another commenting issue that should be addressed. Comments on a blog post or article are narrative-additive artifacts.

Story vs Narrative vs Plot

I’ve been using the two terms ‘Story’ and ‘Narrative’ very frequently on this blog. As I look back, I realize that I may not have done a very good job defining them, or more importantly, the difference between the two.

DISQUS and Facebook Comments, a troubling direction for online commenting

Commenting systems have become a popular way to increase engagement online. But it means giving your comments live offsite. What do we lose and is it worth it?

Carnival of Journalism: Hack your life with the Kindle, After the Deadline and more

This month’s Carnival of Journalism asks: how do you hack your life? What tools and techniques allow you to work smarter and more effectively? There are four big things I want to focus on in this post. How my Kindle makes me a better worker and a more reliable journalist. Why After the Deadline makes […]