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Facilitator Wai Wazad

Homeworld: Aman Dal Enes III (Lal Nemas)
Affiliation: [2nd] Antarean Space Empire (ASE) – Ministry of Vox Dei; Facilitator, Equilibrium-Class
Born: 948 A.E.
Age: 41
Sex: Male

There are a small number of Facilitators within the ranks of the Ministry of Vox Dei known as Equilibrium-Class facilitators. This group encompasses the only ranked members of the Ministry to have a public presence and a history within the public eye. They are the Ministry’s ambassadors, for lack of a better term. In reality the Equilibrium ranking indicates those Facilitators or Evocators who have been chosen to coordinate Antarean forces in a significant area or for a significant length of time. Wai Wazad is one of the most senior of the Ministry’s Equilibrium Corps. As of 989 A.E. he has been assigned to the position of Combined Antarean Imperial Forces (CAIF) Executer for the Zife system. This puts him in direct command of all Antarean forces within the system, which he can use in any way to accomplish his objective, the conquering and holding of the Zife system, its planetary assets and border checkpoints.

According to public record Facilitator Wazad has been working for Antarean intelligence for the last 23 years. He was first initiated into the Federated Directorate of Intelligence Forces, under the oversight of the Antarean Federation Senate. He was one of the few high ranking officers to carry over when DIF Services was reformed into the Ministry of Vox Dei. He was immediately set as a First Class Facilitator and his success during the Siuppa Incident brought him a promotion to the Equilibrium Corps and a declassification of his personal records.

During his time as an Equilibrium-Class Facilitator, Wazad has been responsible for establishing permanent Antarean presences in the Stiaf, Diaes, Presion and Selu systems. He is accorded eight fleet kills and is generally considered responsible for the assassination of his negotiation counterpart Dictat Stefin Franks, who had been the leader of the Selu Independent Brigades. He has no known failures.

Wazad is known for an unusual level of forthrightness among the Equilibrium Corps, and is more often known for giving the brutal truth than anything else. Unfortunately for those whom he opposes, the truth is usually that he will crush them. In addition to extensive intelligence abilities and connections, he has above-average combat skills, with a specialization in heavy weaponry. Wazad’s most notable skill is his extreme tactical abilities, which were likely responsible for his promotion.

Wazad is on track to become an Imperial Controller for Zife system, the assignment hinges upon the completion of his mission — the elimination of League forces within Zife.

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