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Welcome to the Bridge City of Distad. Located in the Zife system on the planet Alfasdan, here is the last hold of the United League of Planets behind Milatat Line and they have been fighting hard to keep it. The Antarean Empire’s forces have pushed them out of almost every nook and cranny of the system, routing their forces from five of the six planets in the system, and cutting off any forward tendrils they’ve made towards Imperial territory. However, they have the back half of the City of Distad, and they’ve used every one of their resources to maintain a supply line to it. However, even the massive wheels of the League’s bureaucracy cannot hold back the laws of physics and the planet is ever so slowly moving in it’s solar orbit away from the League’s toehold in the system.

The League is desperately shipping men and supplies onto the tiny slivers of landing pads that they have secured in the rear of the city, trying to build up enough of a force to take back the city and hold it against the Antareans for the better part of a 473 day year. The city itself, once the proud system capital, provides enough cover that the Antarean Imperial Space Navy is unable to keep the ships from running back and forth from the League base. Moving from this secure location, the League is constantly fighting back against Antarean forces who are literally trying to drive them into Alfasdan’s purple seas.

A large part of the Antarean forces are working to insure that the League makes no more inroads into the system, another portion of forces has been devoted to keeping the remaining populating of the Zife system locked down, and suppressing their inevitable rebellions. The remainder of the AISN’s forces are almost all dedicated to keeping the League presence in the system from expanding. The AIA and a few small pockets of EXtreme Tactical Responsive Army units are pushing into the area without the benefit of their usual extensive air support.

Both the Antareans and the League have found themselves engaged in on and off guerrilla warfare as they fight throughout this urban area. Unable to use heavy artillery, for fear of sinking the symbolically valuable city, both sides have resorted almost exclusively to infantry warfare, with a few rare light vehicles scattered throughout the city.

Most of the civilians have left the city, but a few small pockets and individuals remain, their allegiances unknown. The rest have left the city, the specter of violent death at their backs, retreating for safer spots, or in some cases making runs to leave the planet or the system. For better or worse, there are no real witnesses to whatever the combatants decide to perpetuate upon each other. The result is pure warfare, with neither side holding back their aggression.

The focus of the battle is Central Bridge the main artery of Distad, it runs directly from one end to another and is the only remaining attachment between Distad and the mainland. There was an attempt to ferry supplies aerially, however, both sides’ defenses proved quite able to take out the flyers in short order. Now both sides use Central Bridge to ferry supplies back and forth, and the slow lumbering trucks that have been used to ship everything from weapons to basic foodstuffs often find themselves forced to take the main road. Depending on the day and the truck the two sides find themselves either defending or attacking the bridge.

The battle continues to light up the city with firepower and darken it with debris. As the planet slowly orbits Zife Prime, going farther and farther away from the League’s supply lines, only time will tell which power will take the city, and eventually the system.

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