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Ahhhh… the 11th Hour… is there no better time to sit back and wonder everything else you could have done with a project if only you didn’t have those pestering annoying things like classes or work? Maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, today’s project that I wish I had done more on is the Remix project for English 344. The truth of the matter is that it just took me forever to figure out a concept, or even a starting point. Once I had the beginning (the Creative Commons licensed song “Action at a Distance” by Matmos), everything else sort of just fell into place.

When I listened to the song again, for what, according to winamp, was the first time in about two years, it was a lot slower and creepier then I remembered. But as soon as I heard it, a few stories (and one poem) that I had written popped into my head. So I switched through the pieces (all archived at my deviantArt site) and listened to the song a few more times. I eventually picked out a cyberpunk-ish story I had written called “The Noise.” The tone of the story seemed to go well with the music, and I saw a way to break it down and decrease the text. I even saw some interactive opportunities. (Though I didn’t get to put them into action with this draft.)

I picked out a few graphics from Creative Commons’ search of flicker. Then I put them into flash and started syncing them up with the sound. Unfortunately, the sound sync does not seem to be working very well, I really need a preloader, but I haven’t gotten the code working yet.

The other reason that this whole process was unduly difficult was because of Flash. When you are working on the project on the stage the program will only play the music from the beginning. So in order to coordinate the visuals with the audio I would have to start watching the project from the beginning.

More to come as I get to it….

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