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I was being amused by Blizzard’s April Fool’s Day jokes when I saw a link to job openings over Irvine, California. To satisfy my curiosity, I figured I’d check it out… and lo and behold… there were the following openings:



Assistant Historian

It hurts my brain. No joke. I’d love either of those jobs. I’m only a degree away from being qualified for the Writer job [and the publishing part… unless they count online publishing :P].

Then there is the Assistant Historian job…

Superior writing and editing skills


Excellent organizational skills and ability to work well under tight deadlines


Exceptional communication skills


Broad working knowledge of Blizzard Entertainment’s intellectual properties


2+ years experience as a professional editor


Experience in developing a story bible and related work for an intellectual property in an entertainment industry
A passion for the games and products Blizzard Entertainment makes

Check, Check, and then a few extra checks for good measure.

I mean, I’ve got it all in spades and my resume backs it up. The big problem is that it is in California and I’m in Virginia. Which sort of sucks.

The truth of the matter is that I’d give my left kidney to work for Blizzard. I mean, besides the amazing quality of their games, this is the company that got me into games to begin with, hell it is Blizzard that inspired me to write for games from the very beginning. I remember distinctly reading and re-reading the lore in the manuals for Diablo, Starcraft, etc… and thinking to myself – “Wouldn’t it be the coolest thing ever to get to write this stuff for a living?”

I still think that way. Whenever I’m back home in NYC for any length of time I usually re-read whichever Blizzard manual I can find. I know most people just throw them to the side, but you can find some really good writing in there.

Now… here Blizzard is, asking for people to write that sort of stuff, and here I am, with all the qualifications, but two years away from my duel degree.

Hell and Damn.

I think I’m going to put an application in anyway, just to see what happens.

How can I not?

[EDIT: Hey: Look what I found! – ]

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