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So we are now, officially, almost 2 hours past the release of GTA4. Tomorrow it will be mine.

The original plan was for me to wait, like always, until the price came down to a reasonable amount. However, my girlfriend PG has promised to pay for half, on the condition that I review the game for our school’s news site, ConnectMason. I agreed to it. Hey, this is a golden opportunity. Of course, this means that I did not have the opportunity to get the game complete with Glock and Prostitute, but it does mean I’ll likely have to do some driving around to find a copy.

After all the raving about how amazing this game is, now, on morning of it’s release, I already have seen one(at least partially) negative review, though Penny Arcade isn’t the gold standard.

With the exception of the accidentally looked at PA review, I’m going into this cold. In order to be free to absorb the game, I’m not reading any other reviews. This is a big one, we’ll have to see what happens.

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