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Alright, so I have GTA4. I picked up the last un-reserved copy at the local GameStop early on Tuesday. Now, my goal (as issued to me by PG, who paid for half) is to review the game as soon as possible for ConnectMason. However, GTA4 is a sandbox game, it’s pretty much impossible to finish quickly. If I do, it’s because I’ve skipped huge chunks of the game (side-quests) in pursuit of the spinal story, in which case my experience wouldn’t be very close to what the average gamer’s would be.

(By the way, this is one of the conundrums that game reviewers everywhere face. In order to make it timely, it is pretty much impossible to play through the entire game. However, that might be bad for a game which is much better seen as a whole. Also, for games with a great many side-quests and the like, it robs the reviewer of the opportunity to see what is likely the majority of the content)

Anyway, in order to give some sort of content to CM right away, I’ve decided to create a blog to track my progress through the sandbox world. The twist? I’m doing it in-character.

Be forewarned, as Niko Bellic, I follow the lead of the in-game player character. This means plenty of bad words and objectification of women. Be aware of that before you click through the link. Also–SPOILERS.

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