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You may notice the large gap in my posts. There is a reason. I had an interesting time during that break creating a universe. It was weird, because the opportunity came up outside of something other then I would expect.

For my IT353 Class (Information Warfare) I was assigned to the PR team. This became a lot more then I expected. My assignment (with my group) went from creating a website to creating a universe. At the behest of the Professor we filmed scenes with Barbies (which he provided) and did separate voice overs using software. These scenes were “in-character.” The other thing I did was create–instead of one–three websites. Because of the time involved I didn’t get the opportunity to go as in depth as I would have liked. It worked for the bad guys (the RATS) but it hurt the news site (SNN) and the good guys (CATS). The end product wasn’t as finished as I would have liked and still has a few bugs. It also doesn’t have nearly as much content as I would have liked, simply because of the time involved.

The bare-bones of a universe are there though. I had fun, I just wish I had more time to work on it. I may go back to it and perfect it a little bit.

The good thing that came out of it is that I now have a better understanding of CSS and CSS containers then ever before.

Here’s the links:

Frame Page

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