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Heroes re-launch looks as if it is being accompanied by a series viral marketing campaign. The series has begun advertising online again, but this time with banner ads linking to a number of separate in-universe sites.

Note, to best understand this article you need to have watched at least part of the Heroes series.

The new ad-campaign is comprised of a number of sites. The ones I’ve found are:

Yamagato Fellowship
Primatech Paper Company
Activating Evolution
Activating Evolution Wiki

As always with this type of advertising, part of the point is to make the target audience pursue it themselves, looking for links and hunting down the various sites. In many ways there is an implied narrative here, as each website takes place during a certain time and with certain characters within the Heroes timeline and universe.

There are two ways to look at narrative here. The first way is that there is a narrative created by the user looking through each of these sites and hunting down the links. The second way is built into the sites themselves, in that they are elements of a larger picture, to which we do not have all the pieces.

Do you think this advertising campaign creates a narrative through the sites?

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