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We’ve been talking lately about short legnth stories in class. I brought up my favorite Hemingway story:

“For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Used”

There was some back and forth and when I stumbled across this video I thought of the argument right away.

Really though, this is an excuse to talk about the Barnes & Noble studio. Until now, I had no idea it existed. I stumbled across it completely by accident, coming off a discussion about Advance Reading Copy free books on Goodreads.

It’s really cool. You can see they have not quite got the experience down yet (the italics markup in the title for example) but good ole B&N is really trying its hand at something pretty innovative. I’m not sure who thought that a book store should start posting up a bunch of video podcasts, but it is a good idea. The site features a host of interesting videos and a few other cool little features as well.

I usually don’t play fan boy for big book business, but B&N Studios is worth checking out.

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