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Hello folks. You may have noticed that blog activity has been low lately. Well there is a reason.

For one, I’ve been working hard on developing a CMS/Blogging/Community platform for GMU called onMason. We’re using WordPressMU and just when I thought I was done with it, we rolled over to WPMU2.8 and I had to deal with half of the site breaking. So that’s been fun. Really though, I’m enjoying it. I love working with WPMU and WordPress in general, I’m pretty sure I see a switch for this blog in the future.

The other thing I’ve been playing with is Textpattern. I think it’s important to work with and be familiar with as many web tools as possible and my experiments with Textpattern are part of that effort. I’ve set up a personal blog using the system. The site is called You Can Never Ninja Email and is pretty much the place for me to go off on rants outside of the more professional setting of this blog.

I’ll have more to say about Textpattern as I play with it, but I’ll say this much for the system, while it isn’t the best blogging tool, from what I can understand of the platform, it is one of the better tools for taking a static site and running it with a CMS. More on that later.

Also just finished the redesign of Mason Votes (now running off of onMason), check it out.

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