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Check out my video presentation on how to use free web tools for better journalism.

A little while back, UPIU scheduled me to present a workshop at the Southeast Journalism Conference this year. Unfortunately, due to all the snow here in the DC area, I wasn’t able to escape to Louisiana. However, I did make the presentation using a set of remote tools to livestream to SEJC2010. Here’s the poster advertising the event:

Research to Release Poster

As you can see the topic was how to use freely available web tools and software to create a better process for journalism, from research, to writing, to publishing. From what I’ve heard, people seemed to like it. So for your viewing pleasure, I’m embedding it here. Following is my screencast (length about 1 hour 45 min) Research to Release for SEJC2010 on behalf of UPIU.

Watch live streaming video from upiu at

Link package:

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