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In which I don't bother to asssign a subtitle.

Hello folks, a quick post on what’s going on these days and some nifty stuff you might be interested in following or getting involved in.

I turned on CNN this morning and started getting all the info about the Chile and Hawaii. Shocking stuff. CNN seems to have taken the opportunity to break out the infographics. No one has hologramed in yet, so I suppose there is that.

chilieearthquakeAnyway, if you want to be less passive and help in anyway you can, CrisisCamp has started rolling. They’ve already been compiling reports, lists of Chile-based tweeters and all that other amazingly helpful stuff they do. If you want to get involved, the people to follow are @acarvin and @crisiscamp. If you are in DC, there is a Twitter list. If you are in a position to help, or are someone who needs help and don’t  know where else to turn, these are the people in Social Media to look to for help.

On a lighter note, I’ve made my first real post in what will be many more on the UPIU Building the J-Future blog, an excellent video with Jacob Soboroff of Why Tuesday. If you are interested in Journalism, social media, new media tools, awesome techniques, and the whole #collegejourn scene, you’ll be interested in my new blog. I hope to engage with you on there.

Our loose group of after-#DCMM social media folks and associates have been thinking about the need for some social/tech/innovation flex space in the DC-area. After talking about the Center for Social Innovation in Toronto we’ve landed on the idea of a similar space for DC, which is currently going under the name of CSIDC. The group has moved forward with some collaborative tools and I hold high hopes for the project. If you’d like to be involved:

If you have contacts with people who might be interested in funding such an endeavor, you should pass along their info.

Finally, I’m headed to the NYC-area for spring break. I’ll be around from the 5th to the 15th of next month. You should call me.

I’ll also be at the Spring 2010 CMA conference. The NCMC2010 takes place from March 13-16. If you will be attending, please hunt me down and say hello! I’m hoping to meet some of the #collegejourn crowd in person.

This post will be cross-posted to Facebook and my personal blog. If you are reading it there, don’t forget to check out my all new primary blog, HackText.

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