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In which I don't bother to asssign a subtitle.

I’ve written a great post for the UPIU Blog on my methodology for managing the social media presence of both UPIU and the Office of Student Media.

Glittering promises to transform you into a social media powerhouse overnight are scams. Focusing on a long-term method to grow your social media presence, though, is a good idea.

Many groups, including college journalism outlets, are strategizing on the best ways to use social media to expand their brands. I have my own strategy for increasing followers, finding people, increasing hits and helping others, which I use daily at my job as Technology Manager for George Mason University’s Office of Student Media. I’ve made an acrostic for the strategy: MEGA.

MEGA Social Media:

  1. Monitor related topics
  2. Engage the audience
  3. Grow your coverage
  4. Be Active

A surprising number of folks fail to do all of these things. So I figure a bit of expansion might be helpful.

Read more at UPIU’s Building the J-Future.

  1. Didier on Wednesday 10, 2010

    s po po nai exo ena thema exartisis an k to axaz d einai kalo na to eiepsnoume kai i alitheia einai pos kanei kai proxeirodouleia alla mou dinei enan aera noikokiroulas :)