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In which I don't bother to asssign a subtitle.

If you read my blog back in its RWV days, you may recall my post about the need for player characters to speak and how a failure to do so, as in BioShock, was detrimental to the game.

It seems that I am not the only person to think so. I just stumbled upon a great story through Kotaku on the same subject.

I consider it audacious and unreasonable to think that video game story telling is so different that suddenly players will be unwilling to empathize with their character unless that character takes on their personality. I appreciate the potential of this new medium, but my experience has been that for now, the more we stick with good old fashioned story telling the better off everyone will be.

It is, overall, an excellent article on the topic. I recommend you read it.

Identification, Please.

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