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BioWare doing what BioWare does best.,

I don’t care anymore when George Lucas abuses Star Wars. But when BioWare gets the licence? That’s exciting. Star Wars The Old Republic is no exception.


I mean, that’s only one of the many trailers I’ve watched and it alone gets me more excited to play the game than all the Brewmasters in Pandaria.

There are games I’ve gotten really excited about, but for an MMO to get my attention it has to do something special. Star Trek Online caught me for months because I love starship combat and the Star Trek universe (and Spock was in it).

Star Wars The Old Republic is so attractive for entirely different reasons, ones that have nothing to do with the Star Wars universe. BioWare games are well written and their implementations of Star Wars mythology into gameplay (most particularly in the Knights of The Old Republic series) tends towards novel and clever. It helps that it is almost always well-written.

On the well-written side of things, it seems like SWTOR is likely to be the most impressive yet. BioWare has reportedly written novels of content for the game. Then there is their fascinating implementation of companion characters.


Really interesting right?

I’ve already pre-ordered the game. Anyone else out there going to be online with me on 12/20/11?

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