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The future's so bright, you have to wear newsprint.

These past few days I’ve presented at CMANYC12, the conference run by a professional organization for advisers and associated positions working with college-level student media.

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For this year’s conference, I presented one workshop with Michele Boyet and three sessions on my own.

For convenience, here are all the presentations I gave. All are under a creative commons attribution 3.0 licence, so feel free to remix, reuse and copy, as long as you give credit to me as the original author.

Brand Me: Using Social Media to Brand Yourself and Your Newsroom

The first is the from the workshop. I can’t take full credit for this as part of it is built by Michele. The presentation was followed by workshopping with student media groups on their social media presences.

What is Search Engine Optimization and Where Does it Live? A Crash Course for Journalists

A slight update to a presentation I gave last year, this session was very well attended by students interested in learning the basics of SEO.

A Search Engine Optimized Presentation on Search Engine Optimization

The third presentation targets students and faculty interested in advancing to the advanced-beginner / intermediate stage of knowledge in SEO. For the first time, I built the presentation using reveal.js, which was a lot of fun. The only downside was the code was difficult to see on a projector, so hopefully I’ll be able to fix that for next time.

Since the presentation was a website, I was able to optimize the presentation itself (thus the name) and hopefully interested students will take a look at the code and get some tips.

While the presentation is full of important tips, here are a few highlights. Press down to explore each topic.

Research to Release: Using the Free Web to Create Better Journalism

The last presentation went over 50 of the tools from this doc in 50 minutes and how journalists could use them to improve and promote their reporting.

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