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All culture is remix culture.

The last episode of the Everything is a Remix video series is now online. Kirby Ferguson’s excellent documentary, covering the history and art of remixes, is a must see.

Even what we consider very creative works stand on the back of significant remixing.

The concept of remixes is nothing new, but the legal attacks that have abounded in recent years are. The derision remixes now receive from mainstream media could cause a dangerous stagnation for inventors, producers and content creators of all stripes.

Ferguson is not the first person to discuss the deep flaws in ‘copywrong,’ but the videos he’s produced are easily digestible and approachable by any audience.  They are required reading for any media literacy or civics class.

Here’s the latest video, the fourth and final part of ‘Everything is a Remix.’ If you haven’t seen the series, the rest of the videos are below.

Part 4 of Everything is a Remix: System Failure

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Part 1: The Song Remains the Same

Part 2: Remix Inc.

Part 2.5: KILL BILL

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Part 3.5: THE MATRIX

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